I’m excited to work with you, I know together we can create your true aesthetic!




"The ROSE Photo Shoot " Consulting & Organization - $50 flat fee / $20 every additional hour.

Together, we’ll organize your desired photoshoot for either your business or individually. 

I will create the perfect scene/location, provide ideas on advise on wardrobe and excecute your ideal shoot.  

This Rose Photo Shoot package includes:


Organize your photoshoot, with photographer/videographer and (studio session) if desired. 

For Designers I will orchestrate the proper image for each item of clothing you desire to sell on your social media platforms.

"Events with ROSE" Package - $60 flat fee / $40 every additional hour

Fashion shows/pop up shows are a Designers/Curators' best friend. I will partner with you in creating a great event not only to

promote you and your designs.  The best way to build clientele is to engage with your

customers and potential customers.. 

 Let's work together to create an event worth your true aesthetic. 


Events with Rose Packages includes:

Identifying a location for your event and organizing the structure

Provide brand design, compelling content and strategy for all social media platforms

Build, lead and review work of the production of print & digital marketing collateral

Meet budget standards and manage expenses

Social Media/Website "ROSE WEB" Package - $50 flat fee / $20 every additional hour

Working with you to articulate your collection and creatively write on social media platforms.

Creating websites can be tedious, I will build one for you and create an extraordinary online store to showcase

all of your designs ready for purchase.