The "ROSE Photo Shoot" Package

$50 flat fee / $20 every additional hour

Let's create the perfect scene! Pick a location, set a theme and excecute! 

This package is a organized photoshoot, includes photographer or videographer (if you have yours include in inquiry), theme & location, and a personal studio session (if desired). 


For designers only,

Executing the proper image for each your clothing/btand to sell on your online store or social media.

Social Media/Website "ROSE WEB" Package 

$40 flat fee / $15 every additional hour

Let's set you up for Success!

Create a website, online store, or a blog.

Working with you each step of the way to get your work, your brand, and creative ideas published on web and social media platforms.

Events with "BRC" Package

 $60 flat fee / $40 every additional hour

"Lights, Camera, Action"

Create a great event from fashion shows to pop-up shops. Promoting your buisness and/or brand is the best way to build clientele and to engage with your customers and potential buyers. We will set-up a location for your event, organize the equipment layout & props, set up your brand design campaign, ensuring compelling content and promos for social media platforms. Build, lead, and review work for production of print & digital marketing collateral, all in a standard budget within your expenses.