"The ROSE Closet" Consulting & Makeover Package

 $70 flat fee / $30 every additional hour


Are there pieces that need tailoring? Downsizing your closet? This is a makeover for your closet!

Let's organize your closet, and give you an

overall closet makeover to meet the needs of your lifestyle. In addition, decorative treatment recommendations.

Playing Dress-Up "ROSE STYLE" Package 

$50 flat fee / $20 every additional hour

So, you’ve got some great clothes, but how do you put them together to create an outfit?


Together, we’ll try on, mix n match, layer, accessorize and transform all those clothing pieces into figure-flattering outfits. Then sit back and watch the compliments roll in! 

"Shop with ROSE" Package - $80 flat fee / $40 every additional hour


Let's go on a shopping spree!

Ever wished you had a friend with you who would tell you about the clothes you picked out? Hello! That's ROSE. We’ll brave the dressing room together, as I assist you in finding clothes that flatter you and show off your personality. I will prioritize and help manage your budget.