Fashion Week

            Fashion Week 2020

WooLeX was founded in 2014 and excels at integrating paintings and with fashion, combining cultures and executing a new structure.


The designer Jerry Hsieh surprised the audience today on it's first showing debut of Fashion Week for Fall 2020. I thoroughly enjoyed the pattern mixing, bold colors and design. There was graphic hiphop feel to this collection and a plethora of diversity.


I'm looking forward to more exquisite designs and a look into what in store next.



Lavec Maison was throughly concise in some of the most innovative transitional pieces on the runway. 

Vesper, the designer showed the audience how transitional some of her pieces are and the simplicity of others. Her pieces reminded me of a galaxy where  engineering and comfortability go hand in hand. 

I'm look forward to more complex pieces and what her vision is for then next days.


Watching front row as Seven Crash debut their Fall 2020 collection was an event to remember.


The industrialized & sustainability concept of each garment made me think of one of my favorite shows on Netflix "The 100."

A mixture of space in time mixed with the hardships of protecting yourself through the earth's atmosphere was entirely relevant about the world we live in today. 


Some of my favorites included color blocking, pattern/material mixing, metallic and iridescent colors. I was excited to see what was on the runway and I'm even more excited to see what happens next Fashion Week.