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After I moved to New York, I was laid off as a Marketing Coordinator in the Fashion Industry.  This was a difficult time for me. But as I continued to pray and wait on God he stirred up the creativity in me again. This resulted in me creating a fashion youtube concept. In the show I would interview Vintage Store Owners and talk about how they started to curate, their love for fashion, how their able to stay in business due to fast fashion and  showcase their new looks for the season.  Check out my Youtube Videos and my favorite Vintage Stores! 

Had the wonderful opportunity of visiting with Keira, the designer of SincerelyKAJ. She has such an amazing talent and I'm excited to show you what she has worked so hard on and her passion for fashion. Let me know what you think! 


Instagram: @sincerelykaj 

Interviewed Jen, the owner of Olive's Very Vintage


Instagram: @olives_very_vintage

Interviewed Tracy Chamber Vintage


Instagram: @shoptracychamberlifeandstyle

Styling and Creative Directing this video was so much fun! I just wanted to show people how amazing you can look without paying the ultimate price.

Anything is better with Kenny G in the background. This look is a bit of country meets the big city. Fall is approaching so a red dress and fur coat is exactly what I need to get my Fall looks started.

Dancing in Times Square to promote Petronella' Luxe gave me so much Boss Babe energy. These pants are a statement pieces so I decided to do something more casual at the top a few roses for Brittany Rose. 

Shopping in Times Square can be overwhelming with all of the people and distractions. But every once and a while I find a perfect gem! Wearing Petronella' Luxe langerie and a Do+Be suit put my mind in gear to find the best options. 

I was interviewed by NYC Looks very own This website is a search engine for all this vintage! I was so honored and the best part about it my friend Joyia did a behind the scenes video clip.