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I started Brittany Rose Consulting in Houston, Tx on August 17, 2013. I've worked in organizing fashion shows, styling models and runway placing during the All White CCFS Fashion Show in Houston. 

From 2013 - 2017 I continued to style clients and design outfits for people who enjoyed my style and respected what I offered. In August of 2017 I moved to Brooklyn, New York and continued my fashion journey through working in Fashion Corporate companies like Conde' Nast, Carlisle Etcetera and was truly living my dream to expand and learn more about my love for Fashion, also through attending New York Fashion Week.


Now, my business has flourished and I've continued to style and creative direct. In addition, I've added my love of vintage clothing from an early age and produce content that showcases the importance of how sustainable fashion is great for the environment and truly an exclusive purchase.  

At Brittany Rose Consulting we provide styling services and creative direction.

Styling Services include: Custom Design an Outfit for you, Create Your Style, Shopping For You, Use What you Own

Creative Direction include: Setting up Photo shoots, Building a Visual Brand for your Business, Runway Creative Direction

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