This is me

I've always been interested in fashion and helping others find the perfect silouette to match their style. In Texas I was working full time while styling for red carpets, runway shows and styling people who needed my assistance. I thought if I can do this here, let me try New York and continue fulfilling my destiny.

Being new to New York, I had to rebrand and find my voice again. Moving to a place where no one knew me, I didn't have any connections and started a life solely on your own takes risk. You have to have faith that it will happen without a shadow of a doubt. I found that through all the no's and shut doors that its just an opportunity to do something different and a no is only a not yet.

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I bring
visions to life

Services & skills

Thinking differently lead me to work in Accounting and in Budget Allocation and this is where I learned how to budget million dollar accounts and allocate funds. Personally it helped me to save, shop reasonalbly and I want to help others do the same. My website is to creatively express my opinion on what people truly need; Frugal Fashion and Financial Tips! Hope you enjoy!